Equity Trust Review (2023) : Innovative Retirement Self-Directed IRA Custodian & Platform

Equity Trust is a specialist in non-traditional investments for retirement

Why Equity Trust?

Equity Trust is a self-directed IRA custodian that will help you secure your tax-advantaged IRA. Equity Trust is one of the most massive custodians, as the group has more than $34 billion in assets and handles more than a million transactions yearly. It is one of the country’s top IRA management teams, as it has been an IRS-approved custodian since 1983.

Equity Trust has over 400 associates working to ensure everyone’s assets are kept safe and secure. You can receive support from all these workers, and you’ll always have control over determining what direction your IRA will enter.

For real estate and gold/silver investors who want to have greater control of their retirement investing options and decisions, Equity Trust is a preferred leader in this space. They can assist you with their extensive experience and connections with gold IRA investing companies in the precious metals space, such as Goldco, Augusta PM, and Birch Gold Group.

Pros and Cons of Investing With Them

There are multiple positive and negative points to see when looking at Equity Trust for your self-managed IRA:

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  • The platform makes it easy for you to set up an account and add funds.
  • Equity Trust supports many alternative investments, including precious metals and cryptocurrencies.
  • You’ll find plenty of support resources on the Equity Trust website.
  • The team offers a marketplace to help you find various real estate service providers who can help you with your investment plans.
  • The Equity Trust website can guide you in finding the proper assets you can add to your IRA.


  • The annual fees can be high.
  • While there are accounts available for minors, they have recommended limits.
  • It can take at least a week for some deposits to enter your account, although that timeframe varies over how much money you add.

The Benefits of Investing With Them

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Simple Support For Handling Your Funds

You can trust the team at Equity Trust when handling your funds. Equity Trust uses many online programs to help you open your account and add funds. The Transfer Wizard program can help you add money through a bank account or recurring ACH payments.

The Investment Wizard platform can also help you complete many investment purchases or sales to link to your IRA. The platform will help you manage real estate, private debt, and private equity transactions. The system also provides support for helping you get in touch with outside parties who can help you acquire precious metals and other assets that Equity Trust cannot directly provide to its clients.

A Thorough Support Team

Photo of customer support assisting potential Equity Trust clients with opening up a self-directed IRA.

The support team at Equity Trust can help you with whatever unique needs you have for running an IRA. The Equity Trust website provides multiple guides and webinars to help you learn how to invest in an IRA and use the Equity Trust platform. You can also contact the Equity Trust customer support team by phone or through their online platform.

Help For Real Estate Investments

Equity Trust supports members looking to invest in real estate as part of their self-managed IRAs.

Equity Trust members will gain access to a marketplace for construction services and contractors who can help facilitate various real estate projects for investment purposes. Equity even provides free memberships to real estate investor software programs to help you produce leads and run marketing campaigns for whatever you provide.

Supporting Custody For Many Assets

Equity Trust provides custodianship support for a vast assortment of assets you can include in your self-directed IRA. These include commodities, tax lien certificates, hedge funds, accounts receivable, and crowdfunding platforms. The team at Equity can help you review what you can do to handle your assets.

The Cons of Investing With Them

High Annual Fees

The annual custodial fee for your IRA at Equity Trust will cost at least $225. That number will keep rising as you invest more money, with some people having to spend more than $2,000 a year on their IRAs. It also costs from $100 to $250 to terminate an asset. Equity Trust can consult you on the fees you’ll spend, as they can be higher than you might expect.

Limits on IRAs for Minors

Equity Trust offers support for IRAs for people under eighteen to help them get started in saving their funds. But the group recommends people keep less than $10,000 in an account for a minor. The account will convert to a regular fee schedule if the value goes over $10,000 before the minor turns eighteen.

How Equity Trust Works

The people at Equity Trust provide plenty of help for handling your IRA. First, you can start by opening an account with the team. Afterward, you can send funds to your account through a bank transfer or ACH payment. You’ll then have the option to make various self-directed investments for your IRA.

The team at Equity Trust will keep your investment assets in custodial hold for as long as necessary. You can provide an order to an outside party to acquire your assets, and Equity will ensure your assets are securely held while meeting all IRS guidelines.

Conclusion – Who Benefits the Most?

Equity Trust is perfect for IRA investors who want to invest in more alternative items, such as real estate, digital assets, and precious metals. Equity offers support for multiple investment options, plus it’s easy to get your account up and ready. The team is also helpful for those who are new to IRA investing, as the Equity Trust experts will provide enough details on everything surrounding your account. Be sure to see what Equity provides when looking for a solution that fits your interest.


Do you have to bring in any in-person documentation to manage your account at Equity Trust?

All of Equity Trust’s paperwork can be handled online. This effort reduces the need for repetitive processes when getting your account ready for use.

Who will you contact to acquire the assets for your IRA?

You will consult various third-party groups to acquire the items necessary for your self-guided IRA. Equity Trust will hold whatever assets you have in your IRA as a custodian.

What precious metals does Equity Trust support?

Equity Trust lets its investors add various precious metals to their IRAs, including gold and silver bars, platinum and palladium bars, American Eagle coins, and various precious metal coins.

What precious metals / gold dealers does Equity Trust partner with?

Some of the precious metals providers are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, Noble Gold, Advantage Gold, Birch Gold Group, and American Hartford Gold where SDIRA investors can invest in hard-assets with.

What cryptocurrency providers does Equity Trust partner with?

Some of the digital asset providers are Coin IRA, BitTrust IRA, BitIRA, BlockMint, and My Digital Money.

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