Regal Assets IRA Vs. BitIRA (2023): Special Asset Retirement Investing

BitIRA and Regal Assets Safely Secure Retirement Bitcoin IRA Investments

Cryptocurrencies have become more appealing to self-directed IRAs in the last few years. With a self-directed IRA, you can invest in various assets different from what a traditional IRA can handle. Regal Assets and BitIRA are two exciting groups that can help you invest in cryptocurrencies for your IRA purposes. Both groups are different in many ways, but this Regal Assets and BitIRA review will help you see what makes these groups unique.

About the Companies

Regal Assets was formed in Beverly Hills in 2009 as a group offering self-directed IRA services to clients. The group started offering precious metal IRAs and expanded over the years to include cryptocurrency support.

BitIRA operates out of Burbank and focuses on cryptocurrency investments. The group was formed in 2017 and provides help for traditional and Roth IRAs.

What Assets Can You Hold In Your IRA?

Regal Assets offers both precious metals and cryptocurrencies for its IRAs. A Regal Assets gold IRA can include various gold coins and bars of your choosing, but you can also invest in silver, platinum, and palladium. Regal provides a full listing of precious metals assets you can hold on its website. Regal has expanded its offerings over the years to include twenty-one different cryptocurrencies for investing, but you can also request others if interested.

BitIRA focuses on cryptocurrencies, with the group offering eighteen different currencies for investment purposes. The group does not offer support for small-cap coins.

Safety Measures

BitIRA and Regal Assets both have high safety and security standards for customer IRA assets

Many ask is BitIRA legit, and the security measures the group offers for its IRAs prove that BitIRA cares about its customers and offerings. BitIRA uses grade-five nuclear bunkers to protect its infrastructure while using cold storage standards to ensure your data stays safe while offline. Multiple encryption factors also work when handling your content.

BitIRA also provides a dollar-for-dollar insurance policy for all its assets. BitIRA has a $1 million protection insurance policy against fraud or theft.

Regal also uses strict safety standards when handling your funds. Crypto investors with Regal will benefit from Regal’s cold storage standards and strict encryption rules for protecting your content. Regal also offers secure custodian services for precious metals assets, as it offers storage in its dedicated facility in Dubai.

What Does It Cost?

BitIRA does not charge any annual maintenance fees or setup charges for work. Some custodial fees will apply to your account, although those costs will range from $20 to $50 per month, depending on your needs. A 1 percent charge will also apply to all cryptocurrency transactions you complete.

Regal Assets requires $15,000 in your account before you can start your IRA. There are no setup fees or charges for each transaction you complete, but a $250 annual fee for holding an IRA with Regal will apply.

How Do You Fund Your Account?

Both groups will help you fund your IRA by supporting a bank fund transfer or a transfer of funds from an older IRA or 401(k) to your new one.

Regal and BitIRA both require users to fill out the necessary paperwork when starting an account. You can consult the customer service department at either group to learn more about how well the process for getting your account ready can work.

Customer Satisfaction

Reports on what people think about Regal Assets IRA services are complicated. The official Regal Assets BBB page says the company is not accredited by the BBB. But Regal Assets has received various honors, including a five-star rating from BirdEye and a listing on the Forbes Finance Council.

photo of happy IRA customers

The BitIRA BBB page says the company is BBB-accredited. It has held its accreditation with the BBB since 2018, plus it has a near-perfect five-star rating with the group. The company is also a member of the Business Consumer Alliance, suggesting it is a trustworthy group. The BitIRA reviews have been more noticeable as BitIRA uses these to promote its offerings.

Customer Support

Both BitIRA and Regal Assets take customer support seriously. They have a very detailed on-boarding process for new clients.

Regal Assets requires users to manage a thorough consultation to see how they can benefit from a Regal Assets crypto IRA or gold IRA. You can go to the Regal website to order a free investment kit to learn more and see how the program can work for you. You can then contact the team by phone afterward to start your account. Regal’s customer service team is comprehensive in how well it provides data to its clients.

BitIRA also provides a free guide people can acquire online to learn more about BitIRA fees and processes. The guide has details on how to start a digital IRA and what to consider when getting your investments ready. You can also consult BitIRA by phone or email if you have further questions on how the service works.

Which Should You Choose?

BitIRA and Regal Assets are both great choices to consider when finding help for a crypto IRA. A Regal Assets cryptocurrency IRA is ideal for people starting in the field, plus it works for those who are more invested in the vast assortment of currencies available.

BitIRA is also helpful for investors, although it does not have as many options for trading. You can use a BitIRA IRA if you don’t plan on trading often or want to focus on a few currencies.

Regardless of your needs, you’ll find both groups advantageous for many reasons. Be sure you look at BitIRA and Regal Assets if you’re looking for a smart solution for handling cryptocurrencies in your IRA.

Our recommended choice is BitIRA for world-class security within the industry and more consistent positive reviews from customers.


Can you start your cryptocurrency IRA from a 401(k)?

You can roll over your funds from an old 401(k) to a new IRA if you wish.

How many cryptocurrencies can you invest in with your IRA?

You can handle as many cryptocurrencies as you wish, but your custodian will have limits over what currencies it can support.

What does cold storage mean when getting your crypto IRA ready?

Cold storage involves keeping your cryptocurrency access keys offline until they are necessary for a transaction. Cold storage ensures you’ll never worry about your content being open while online.

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