Augusta Precious Metals Review (2023) – Best Overall Gold IRA Company

Steel safety deposit boxes full of gold bars and gold coins

Augusta Precious Metals' experienced staff of committed advisors educate their customers on the products they offer, and how they can assist, safeguard, and diversify your retirement assets.

Disclaimer:  We may receive compensation for referring the consumer to the companies we review on this site, such as Augusta Precious Metals, Birch Gold Group, Goldco, BitIRA, iTrustCapital and others. This is a small part of how we maintain free services for our website. Compensation and many hours of thorough research determine how each company is reviewed.

Augusta Precious Metals – Empowering Consumers with Financial Education

Augusta is different from other precious metals companies because they do more than just help you set up an account. The team at Augusta also helps you understand the process, such as why gold and silver are such a popular choice in the current economy, so you can be a knowledgeable and savvy investor. Knowledge is wealth!

Whether or not you choose to do business with Augusta, they place a strong emphasis on consumer education. As a Harvard-trained economist on staff and the creator of Augusta's unique educational web conference, Mr. Devlyn Steele, a nationally recognized expert on precious metals, oversees their own education department. They also have an informative Youtube channel that covers everything from silver and gold investing to macroeconomics, providing a broad picture of topics to help educate and empower Americans.

Finding the information that they supply on your own would be very challenging to do. As far as we can tell, all of these factors are likely responsible for why Augusta receives the highest ratings and reviews of any precious metals IRA company. It was difficult to come across anything that wasn't the very best available. In November 2022, Money magazine, who is celebrating 50 years in the financial publishing space, voted APM as “Best Overall” Gold IRA Company in the nation.

Money cited the reason for choosing Augusta PM, “Founded in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals gives investors a wealth of information about investing in precious metals. The company offers gold and silver investment options; it uses Delaware Depository — a popular choice among gold IRA providers — to hold customer assets such as gold coins and gold bars.”

For this reason, Augusta PM is known as a highly reputable gold IRA company that serves their clients with the upmost professional attention.

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Gold IRAs Becoming More Popular Among Golden Years Investors

Older couple enjoying their golden retirement years .

As you get older, and especially as you get closer to the age of 65, it is increasingly necessary to make investments that are as prudent and low risk as possible. Not only does the success of this variable determine the quality of your retirement, but it also determines the kind of legacy you will leave for your loved ones.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

One of the more appealing low-risk investment options available to retirees, or soon to be retirees, is a gold IRA, which gives you the chance to both safeguard and increase your income. Instead of buying conventional assets like stocks and bonds, these innovative retirement accounts allow you to buy precious metals like silver and gold bullion in the form of bars and coins as your safe-haven holdings.

Augusta PM is offering Zero Gold IRA Fees for up to 10 years for those looking at investing for the long-term with them.

Best for Professionals, Business Owners, and Serious Self-Managed Investors

More professionals and people with high incomes and large amounts of assets to protect, such as engineers, doctors, senior government workers and business owners who have worked for 30+ years, are moving a large portion of their assets into precious metals, through self-directed IRAs, as a precautionary measure in an increasingly shaky global economy. Augusta PM has a keen understanding and desires of successful wealthy professionals.

In their working lifetimes alone, they have seen economic downturns, rampant inflation, a devaluation of the dollar, failed banks, tumultuous markets, and the onset of a global pandemic crisis that has already resulted in the closure of thousands of businesses and the loss of millions of jobs.

It is not surprising that people who are amassing wealth are searching for alternative investments to safeguard their riches from a failing economy and provide them peace of mind. It's also not surprising that one of the first places they look is Augusta Precious Metals. With their top notch service and premium products, high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors are more aligned to choose Augusta PM to protect their retirement wealth.

Silver IRAs Provide an Alternative IRA Tax-Advantaged Solution for Seniors

The White Metal might not be as well-known as gold or have the same magnetism as gold does, but for the more savvy investor, silver is a well respected financial asset to diversify your wealth! Adding physical silver to your financial portfolio or opening up a Silver IRA may help reduce the overall impact of economic turmoil on your retirement savings.

With a Silver IRA, you can enjoy the same tax benefits of a Gold IRA, but your investing in silver bars and/or silver coins that are IRS approved. Compared to a Gold IRA investment, Silver IRAs are more affordable option for investors interested in a precious metals IRA.

Silver has a long track record as a store of value throughout history, and is increasingly being seen as a “save-haven” asset. Adding silver to your financial nest egg helps reduce the risk and negative correlation with stocks and other paper assets during market malaise.

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Industrial Demand Trend for Silver

There are many industrial uses for silver alloy, and there is a limited supply to meet these demands and is costly to mine. With the trend toward more technological advances in the modern age, and strong push for more electrical vehicles (EV) and solar panels, the industrial demand for silver will continue to increase, which is positive to the value of this scarce asset.

The demand use for silver in solar panels is expected to grow by 15% in 2022Metals Focus

The solar panel industry is a large player in the use of silver, roughly equating to 3,600 tons (~15% of entire silver supply) to make solar panels and photovoltaic cells. And this demand will only increase due to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 which will benefit the solar energy sector further.

Energy Shockwave 2022-2023: With the current fossil fuel energy crisis taking place due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, poor political/economic policies, and lack of oil and natural gas production in North America, the shift toward green energy will only grow stronger in the West. The emphasis on renewable energy in the US and Europe could be a massive catalyst for silver's value, due to its sought after electrical and thermal conductivity properties.

With the rise in production of solar panels and electric vehicles (EV), the demand for silver in the renewal energy sector is projected to accelerate fast.

The production of silver requires enormous amounts of fossil fuel inputs to mine and transport. The price and supply will continue to be an issue with oil, natural gas and diesel for the foreseeable future. The machinery and vehicles used in the silver mining industry currently do not run off renewable energy. With increased demand, and production cost rising, you have the perfect catalyst for silver's next bull market.

(Kitco News) – According to Metals Focus, global renewable energy sector benefited from the ongoing energy crisis, which is especially important in the context of precious metals demand.

The consultancy said that photovoltaic (PV) systems are set to break installation records in 2022 as the Russia-Ukraine conflict highlighted the need for a more rapid transition to clean energy.”

Historically speaking, silver tends to outperform gold during bull runs in precious metals. And compared to gold, silver could be seen as undervalued due to projected demand by investment bankers for the next energy revolution.

Given this, silver could be shaping up to be a superior growth-asset and portfolio insurance for retirement savers for many years to come.

“This winter will be make or break for millions of Middle-Class Americans. Many will be caught by surprise, watching their bills soar, and their savings vanish before their eyes.” ~ Jim Rickards

Why Trust Augusta PM?

  • BBB – A+ Rating
  • TrustLink – 5/5 Rating
  • Google My Business – 4.9/5 Rating
  • BCA – AAA Rating
  • Facebook – 4.8/5 Rating
  • 2 X Stevie Awards Winner
  • Rated “Best Overall” – Money magazine
  • Named #1 – IRA Gold Advisor
  • Consumer Affairs – 5/5 Rating
  • Strong stance against unethical sales tactics
Money magazines Best Gold IRA Companies Best Overall 2022 award
Augusta PM client shares his thoughts about why he chose APM and how is experience has been so far.

How a Precious Metals IRA Works

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 allows investors more options to diversify their retirement savings into precious metals with IRA conditions.

A precious metals IRA is a type of retirement account in which you can invest in physical precious metals. These accounts are sometimes referred to as gold IRAs, but they can also be used to purchase silver bullion and coins.

Two types of IRAs exist: regular and Roth. Both offer tax advantages; however, their structures are distinct:

Traditional: Traditional IRA contributions may be tax-deductible. The account grows tax-deferred, and withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income upon retirement. With rare exceptions, a 10% tax penalty applies to assets taken before to age 59 12. Account holders must begin taking RMDs, or required minimum distributions, at age 72.

Roth: With Roth IRAs, there is no immediate tax deduction. Although they are started with post-tax money, the money grows tax-free and is thereafter eligible for tax-free withdrawals in retirement. With Roth accounts, there are no RMDs, but early withdrawals of gains made before age 5912 may be subject to a 10% tax penalty. Contributions can be withdrawn at any time without incurring penalties because they have already been taxed.

In 2022, workers under 50 can put up to $6,000 into an IRA, and workers 50 and older can put up to $7,000. Other rules, such as income limits, govern who can contribute to these accounts, according to the IRS. Only self-directed IRAs are permitted to hold gold and precious metals, which the IRS classifies as alternative investments.

What Precious Metals Can You Invest in for Retirement?

Augusta Precious Metals offers numerous IRS-approved gold and silver bars and coins for precious metals IRA accounts.

Gold and silver bullion in the form of coins and bars, are all viable options for those who want to diversify their IRA holdings. However, not all metals are suitable investments. Precious metals must adhere to the following criteria set by the Internal Revenue Service:

•  Gold must be 99.5% pure

•  Silver must be 99.9% pure (fineness of 999)

Products that satisfy these requirements include PAMP Suisse bars, Australian Koala bullion coins, and Canadian Maple Leaf coins. With the exception, American Eagle coins are also accepted by the IRS even though they fall short of the required 99.5% purity level for gold. The American Gold Eagle coin can be 91.67% pure to be IRA-eligible. Also, Swiss Francs, British Sovereigns, German Marks, rare or collectible coins, and others are now prohibited from being held in self-directed IRAs.

Popular APM Gold IRA-Eligible Coins

  • American Eagles
  • Proof American Gold Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Gold Canadian Eagle
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Australian Striped Marlin

Popular APM Silver IRA-Eligible Coins

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Proof American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Eagle with Nest
  • Canadian Silver Soaring Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

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How Gold and Silver Performed During the Great Recession

Jim Rickards is a macroeconomist & New York Times best selling author for numerous economic books (i.e., The New Great Depression and Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos ) and editor of premier financial publications, such as the Strategic Intelligence and Gold Speculator, discusses the looming financial disaster underway and what lies ahead in the markets f his predictions comes true.

Looking at the statistics of gold and silver's performance throughout previous crises is the best evidence there is for how investing in gold and other precious metals can protect the value of your retirement account.

One of the greatest stock market crashes in U.S. history occurred from 2007 to 2009, resulting in a significant loss of as much as 40% to 60% of Americans' retirement savings. However, gold prices increased to reward anyone who diversified their portfolio while the S&P 500 continued to decline.

This strategy of diversification has proven to be effective in many different instances of economic instability in the past. For instance, both silver and gold showed their ability to withstand the recession from 2008 to 2012 by increasing in value by about 450%. Because of their reliability and durability, precious metals are excellent hedges against the depreciation of your paper assets during recessions.

Graph of gold prices from 2007 to 2012
Chart of the U.S. inflation CPI for 2021 and 2022

Could Higher Inflation Become Permanent?

As inflation persists at historically high levels, growing numbers of people in the United States are concerned about its potential effects on their standard of living. There has been little improvement in real incomes, and inflation has been steadily eating away at the purchasing power of investments and savings. The quality of life for millions of Americans is at risk if this trend continues.

The Federal Reserve has claimed it will combat inflation, but its actions to date have had little effect. And while the American people suffer, they have no idea how long this inflation will persist. Is it, as many assume, a passing phase, or will it persist like stagflation did in the 1970s? And what steps can be taken to mitigate the harm caused by this inflation?

This battle against inflation is crucial to the credibility of central banks. Following the 2008 financial crisis, central banks were heavily relied upon to save the economy, and most people believed that they were successful. But because the 2008 crisis was solved by printing trillions of dollars in order to prevent the previous bubble from totally bursting, what has actually transpired is the development of a new, even larger bubble.

That is the bubble that is currently in danger of bursting, and central banks are currently engaged in a balancing act, attempting to combat excessive inflation while at the same time attempting to prevent the bursting of this bubble. As much as they would like to bring inflation back down under 3%, they recognize that doing so would plunge the country into a recession immediately.

But even though the Fed is only taking small steps right now, it could still send the economy into a recession. Once that can of worms has been opened, there is no simple way to put things back the way they were.

Will the Federal Reserve Raise Their Inflation Target?

The Federal Reserve and some economists argue that inflation is being caused by a tight labor market and rising wages, and that the solution is to increase both unemployment and interest rates.

In order to do this, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates five times in 2022 and has hinted at additional hikes. Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve board, has admitted that these actions will be painful for both consumers and companies.

The central bank is in a tough spot. Officials admit that they were too slow to start raising interest rates as the economy began to recover from the slump caused by the pandemic. As a result, they have had to play catch-up in recent months. Still, prices keep going up, and there is no sign that they will stop. The Fed may need to change its plan for future interest rates, which would narrow the gap between persistent inflation and a full-blown recession if it does too little or too much.

There is evidence that the Fed is succeeding in some of its goals, as seen by the sharp increase in mortgage rates and the sharp decrease in home sales. Job openings have dropped significantly, and both job and salary growth have slowed, according to recent employment statistics. However, as inflation continues to creep higher, new CPI data show that this strategy has achieved modest gains on pricing.

U.S. National Debt Tops $31 Trillion

Due to historically low interest rates, America's borrowing binge has long been seen as sustainable. However, with rising interest rates, the nation's fiscal problems are beginning to worsen.

A recent report revealed that the United States' gross national debt has surpassed $31 trillion for the very first time. This is a dismal financial milestone that occurred just as the nation's long-term economic outlook was already growing darker as a result of rising interest rates.

Estimates suggest that the federal government will spend an extra $1 trillion on interest payments this decade if rates remain at their current levels. The Congressional Budget Office estimated record debt costs of $8.1 trillion in May. If interest rates on public debt climb to be just one percentage point higher than what the C.B.O. predicted over the next few years, interest expenditures might surpass what the U.S. spends on national defense by 2029.

Graph of the federal total public debt from 1970 to 2022.

However, federal debt is not like a 30-year mortgage with a set interest rate and monthly payments. The government's borrowing costs rise and fall in tandem with interest rates since it is constantly issuing new debt. A temporary brightening in the national fiscal outlook could be dashed if interest rates were to rise at this time.

The $31 trillion milestone presents a political challenge for President Biden, who has committed to put the United States on a more sustainable economic path and decrease federal budget deficits by $1 trillion over the next decade. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that since Biden's inauguration, his policies have added roughly $5 trillion to deficits.

As a result of increasing interest payments due to rising rates, Biden's budget office now anticipates the deficit would rise more than previously predicted over the next three years. Borrowing rates have risen more quickly than the White House had anticipated in recent weeks, indicating that they will need to increase their projections of the deficit once again.

Government Spending and Inflation

Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Radio Show, discuss the state of the financial markets with Adam Taggart from Wealthion and how to position yourself to secure your wealth with physical gold during this increasingly volatile and high-inflationary period due to runaway energy prices, excessive government spending, and bad policies.

Economists point to a rise in government spending as a possible source of inflation. Interest rates, monetary policy, disruptions in the supply chain, and shifts in consumer demand are all additional elements. For investors, savers, and borrowers, inflation is a factor that must be taken into account.

The inflation spike of 2022 may have been the result of a huge federal spending initiative, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. In response to the economic slowdown caused by the COVID epidemic, this plan distributed $1,400 to each American, provided additional funding to state and local governments, and increased unemployment payments. It however succeeded the significantly larger CARES Act spending plan that was signed into law in March of 2020.

Government spending is a significant component that most likely contributes to price increases and can induce inflation. After massive U.S. stimulus payments were made to combat the recession caused by the epidemic, there were near-historic jumps in inflation. This suggests that the multi-trillion-dollar infusion of money into the economy was primarily responsible for the price increases.

Consequently, a recently published article by top researchers and academics shows the Federal Reserve may be unsuccessful in reducing consumer prices through interest rate hikes unless government spending is reduced simultaneously. Simply put, the Federal Reserve needs to tighten monetary policy, and the federal government needs to rein in expenditure, if the inflation crisis that has been roiling the United States for over a year is ever going to be contained.

Joe Montana’s 5-star review

Augusta Precious Metals was established in 2012 in Beverly Hills, California, and Casper, Wyoming. They are recognized as a leader in the gold and silver IRA market, and they take pride in their commitment to client care by offering four distinct divisions.

Augusta Precious Metals distinguishes itself from the competition by providing lifetime client service, a dedicated account manager for each investment, and streamlined processes, including a lightning-fast onboarding procedure.

With over a decade of experience and excellent ratings, it is evident that they strive to be an industry leader. This family-owned company specializes in gold and silver IRAs, as well as silver and gold purchases outside of IRAs, with secure, free shipping to your home.

They have received not just one, but two Stevie Awards for Customer Service and Sales Distinction, have been named Most Trusted Gold IRA Company by IRA Gold Advisor, have a AAA Rating from the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and have a 4.97%, A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Augusta PM has a high minimum investment and is the company of choice for professionals and people who have a large portfolio to protect. Their outstanding reputation makes them an excellent choice for serious investors.

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Meet Augusta Precious Metals Leadership

Screenshot of Augusta PM Chief Executive Officer Isaac Nuriani
Stevie Award for Customer Service Success and Sales Distinction of the Year
2X Stevie Awards Winner

Isaac Nuriani – Augusta Precious Metals CEO

Isaac Nuriani helped seniors with financial issues for years before deciding to inform the public about economic practices that favor banks over individuals saving for retirement. He started Augusta Precious Metals to help retirees diversify their savings with education and precious metals. Mr. Nuriani values integrity and professionalism in his work. He's a member of the ICTA – Industry Council for Tangible Assets and, and is a strong proponent of silver and gold IRAs to diversify retirement assets.

In addition to his honors degree in economics from UCLA, he also acts as a mentor and adviser to other professionals in the field who share his commitment to improving the state of retirement in the United States.

APM CEO, Isaac Nuriani, explains his company's philosophy on anti-scam marketing practices within the precious metals space, “Many consumers who come to us looking for the best gold IRA have already worked with gold IRA companies they are unhappy with, and we began to take on a role of helping them figure out how to disengage from those companies and get peace of mind about their gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals. Now it's a major part of our mission.”

Screenshot of Augusta PM Director of Education Devlyn Steele
Business Consumer Alliance AAA Rating award
AAA Rating

Devlyn Steele – Director of Education

Devlyn Steele, a member of Harvard Business School's acclaimed business analytics program, has processed $2 billion in financial assets over three decades. Mr. Steele leads Augusta's education team in educating financially conservative Americans about alternative assets to make more informed decisions. He forecasted the 2008 financial crisis and silver and gold price increase. Devlyn helps Americans diversify their savings to offset economic concerns in his work at Augusta. His educational web seminars have attracted wealthy and successful clients, including Joe Montana, Augusta's ambassador.

Screenshot of Augusta PM Chief Financial Officer Howard Smith
IRA Gold Advisor Most Trusted Gold IRA award
Most-Trusted Gold IRA Company

Howard Smith – Chief Financial Officer

APM CFO Howard Smith has witnessed firsthand how economic and geopolitical turmoil may affect retirement savings. Joining our team in early 2018, He was drawn to the company's goal of educating clients about wealth diversification and empowering them to overcome savings concerns. Mr. Smith has worked with major banks and local/federal agencies in risk management. He uses risk management to assist Augusta in reaching its financial goals, thus helping customers identify and overcome retirement concerns. Mr. Smith is a CPA and Toronto economics/finance graduate.

The Augusta Precious Metals IRA Process

1.) Introduce Your Agent

Your go-to advisor on all things precious metals, silver and gold.

2.) Your Education

Their experts provide economic data difficult to locate elsewhere.

3.) Processing Your IRA

They complete 95% of the paperwork with you; it’s easy and simple.

4.) Place Order

Assistance from Augusta’s experts in establishing your portfolio.

5.) Verification

Official stress free phone confirmation to complete your order.

Gold and Silver IRA for Long-Term Wealth Diversification

Unfortunate as it may be, some gold companies likely view customers like you as a transaction, and after they receive payment, they leave you to fend for yourself.

When you choose Augusta Precious Metals, you have access to a team of gold and silver experts for the duration of your account, always available to help you:

  • Find out more about their precious metals’ offerings
  • Feel confident with your savings protected
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Increase your assets over time by purchasing more precious metals
  • Get long-term peace of mind
  • Handle distributions for liquidation
  • Create your account to leave a legacy for your family

True to their reputation, Augusta is unique. They have shown they are dedicated to being the greatest gold IRA provider in the precious metals business. Each member of the Augusta team is committed to ensuring that your retirement portfolio is as diversified as possible with physical gold and silver bullion and quality coins. The team at Augusta Precious Metals is fully staffed with gold and silver specialists ready to help their clients as a trusted advisor.

3 Commitments Made by Augusta Precious Metals:

Transparency – We recognize that maintaining a high level of integrity helps set us apart from the competition.

Simplicity – Ease of product selection. Straightforward purchasing procedure. Assist with necessary paperwork. Make your life easier.

Service – Offer knowledge others can’t or won’t. Options to meet savings objectives. Professional gold and silver agents.

They truly are dedicated to educating and empowering Americans to diversify retirement savings and gain peace of mind.

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Pros and Cons of Precious Metals Investing With Augusta


  • Money Magazine “Best Overall”
  • Investopedia “Most Transparent”
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • AAA BCA Rating
  • 1000’s of 5-Star Rankings
  • 100’s of Top Reviews
  • Zero Fees for up to 10 Years
  • Understands retirement investment concerns of seasoned working professionals and business owners
  • Experienced in assisting non-working widows & elderly women protect critical savings
  • On staff seasoned Harvard trained economist that educates clients how to protect retirement wealth through recessions and market uncertainty


  • $50,000 minimum investment: caters to high net worth individuals
  • Platinum/Palladium Not Available
  • Company doesn't have Spanish-speaking agents for client support
  • Does not accommodate storing IRA gold & silver metals at customer's home
  • Not recommended for new IRA investors or those without existing IRA or 401k retirement account
  • Not recommended for retirees living off limited retirement funds & income
  • Not for investors looking to flip gold & silver for quick profits
  • Those looking to do monthly purchases should look elsewhere

Augusta’s Minimum Requirements and Fees

Minimum Purchase Requirement – $50,000
IRA Setup Fees (One Time) – $50 (covered)*
Custodian Maintenance Fees (Annual) – $100 (covered)*
Storage Fees (Annual) – $100 (covered)*
Total IRA Fees – $250 first year / $200 thereafter (covered)*
Shipping Costs – None**
Additional Fees – None

*Depending on Account Size
**With a Qualifying Purchase

Is Augusta PM Right for You?

An image of Joe Montana endorsing Augusta Precious Metals

Everything about Augusta Precious Metals is first class. From their prices to their transparency, to their educational materials, to their asset classes offered, and the great attention they pay to their customers. They have an excellent track record, with literally thousands of top ratings from customers on sites like TrustLink, Google My Business, Facebook, and others. Augusta also has a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, an A+ BBB rating and is highly rated with watchdog groups like Consumer Affairs. They've won 2 Stevie Awards for Customer Service Success and Sales Distinction and have also been named “Most Trusted Gold IRA Company” by IRA Gold Advisor.

If you’re looking for a top gold IRA provider, with a simple, streamlined process, you can’t go wrong with this impressive company. Augusta Precious Metals is a fantastic company that genuinely wants to help their customers and provide the best service in the industry. Also, it’s very difficult to argue with the professional opinion of Joe Montana’s financial advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gold and silver IRA?

A precious metals IRA is a type of tax advantaged Individual Retirement Account that enables investors to buy physical gold and silver coins, gold bullion, and silver bullion that has been permitted for purchase by the Internal Revenue Service as another way to diversify your retirement portfolio.

What are the benefits of buying gold and silver within an IRA?

The value of gold & silver, which may be held physically and used to hedge against inflation, tends to be uncorrelated with that of other assets, making them a good addition to a diversified portfolio. By storing your metals in a self-directed IRA, you can benefit from tax deferral and potential tax-free appreciation.

Does a gold IRA provide the same tax advantages as other IRAs?

Yes. Gold IRAs are subject to the same regulations and enjoy the same tax advantages as traditional IRAs.

What types of Precious Metals does Augusta offer?

They provide a range of gold and silver items, including premium coins, bullion coins, and bars. A few examples of IRA-eligible coins offered by Augusta PM are American Eagle gold and silver coins, proof gold American Eagle, gold Canadian Maple Leaf, gold American Buffalo, premium Australian Striped Marlin gold coin, and premium 2017 Royal Canadian Mint .25oz Gold Eagle (Augusta PM exclusive).

Why are there ZERO management fees with the gold and silver IRA?

The gold IRA is self-directed, so YOU handle its physical precious metals. You don't pay for management, so you control purchases and sales.

How do I get FREE shipping and insurance for my silver and gold purchases?

With a qualifying purchase, Augusta will cover the shipping and insurance fees for your precious metals until the time that they are delivered to your qualified storage facility. The depository storage facility will insure your gold or silver metals from covered losses while stored there.

Which secure depository storage facility does Augusta PM recommend to clients to safeguard their precious metals?

The Delaware Depository for safeguarding client's bullion investments. This depository is insured by Lloyd's of London for $1 billion dollars and is an IRS-approved storage facility.

Which IRA custodian does Augusta PM consider their premier silver and gold IRA custodian to administer client's SDIRAs?

With over 30-years in business, Augusta Precious metals chooses Equity Trust Company as their IRS-approved preferred custodian for customers.

Can I roll over my current IRA, 401(k) or other retirement savings into a gold IRA?

Yes, you can transfer funds from a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) to a gold & silver IRA. This is how most gold IRA investments are funded.

Looking to Protect Your Wealth and Retirement Savings?

If you're like the majority of Americans, you're undoubtedly tired of increasingly high living expenses and concerned about the future. With a failing economy, excessive inflation, and the possibility of a bond & stock market disaster, there has never been a better time to protect your family legacy and your retirement against political and global upheavals with a gold IRA.

During unprecedent times like this, gold IRA investors will weather the storm with less volatility and risk associated, while having peace of mind. Remember, both gold/silver are time-tested assets that have historically never been worth zero. The same can't be said for stocks, which most investors are overweight in due to the traditional 60/40 (stocks/bonds) portfolio model pitched by main street financial advisors. A gold or silver IRA has a low correlation to the Stock Market.

Bloomberg chart showing that both stock and bonds have only had combined negative returns 3 times since 1926. The years are 1931, 1969, and 2022
2022 has not been a rewarding year for stock and bond investors. Since 1926, there have only been 3 times which both have combined negative returns (1931, 1969, & 2022). Those who protected their wealth and retirement savings with gold & silver in 2022 are sleeping more soundly.

Click here to learn how diversifying your retirement assets can help with the assistance of a five star premier gold IRA company with years of experience in precious metals and educating customers. We rank Augusta PM as our recommended Best Gold IRA company in the business! Most gold IRA companies do not compare to Augusta's premiere customer service and offerings.

We believe all Americans should feel secure in their retirement years. You deserve to be assured your retirement savings are in good hands!

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Risk Disclosure: Any investments into alternative assets, including precious metals, such as silver and gold, come with an inherent risk, where you could end up making less money than what you put in. Before investing your hard-earned cash, be sure to speak with licensed professional financial advisor first. Always remember that past performance is not an indication of future returns.

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