BitIRA Vs. Coin IRA Comparison (2023): Digital Currency IRA Leaders

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BitIRA and Coin IRA are two exciting alternative virtual investment options to explore for your self-guided IRA journey.

These two groups can help you invest in cryptocurrencies when getting your IRA ready. Crypto investments are exciting, as they can help you diversify your investment opportunities and retirement savings. But most traditional IRA service providers will not support these currencies due to their asset classification type.

BitIRA and Coin IRA are both different in various ways, but both groups can help you with one of these appealing IRAs.

These two crypto IRA companies offer different functions and plans for work, and are worth exploring. Here’s a closer look at these two groups and what you can expect from them.

About the Companies

BitIRA is a California-based group that provides support for digital currency IRAs. BitIRA was formed in 2017 as a group to help support traders. You can use the BitIRA platform to review your currency transactions and use your funds for retirement income purposes.

Coin IRA is another California-based entity that was also established in 2017. Coin IRA works with multiple professional exchanges to gather the latest details on currencies and their values. The team offers IRA and non-IRA accounts, plus the group has more than $34 billion in assets under its custody.

Assets For Trading

One thing to spot in a BitIRA review involves the various crypto assets you can trade. You can establish an IRA with about twenty different currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, and Ethereum. The listing of currencies available for trade is constantly expanding.

Coin IRA provides more currencies for investing thanks to the group’s partnership with multiple exchanges for help. You can handle more than sixty currency types in your IRA with Coin IRA.

Safety Plans

photo of underground world-class secure cold storage for crypto assets

A valuable part of a Coin IRA review involves looking at the security features available in your account. Coin IRA uses cold storage to keep your data offline. You can also request a hard wallet you can keep in your physical possession if you prefer. Coin IRA also uses Level II Cryptocurrency Security Standards to protect your data while complying with outside compliance audits.

Your Coin IRA digital assets are held by Equity Trust Company (ETC), who is Coin's top-rated IRS-approved custodial partner. You can rest assured your crypto assets are protected by ETC's military-grade cold storage and insured at no additional cost.

BitIRA also takes your security seriously. BitIRA uses cold storage, but unlike it's competitors. They store your digital assets in grade-5 nuclear bunkers, completely monitored around the clock with world-class security..

Plus they have tens of millions of dollars in insurance coverage to protect all investors from potential losses, not just when purchasing, but also while your assets are stored in cold storage. BitIRA also offers hard wallets to new users.

BitIRA follows Level 2 CryptoCurrency Security Standards (CCSS) for compliance purposes in ensuring customers are looked after.

What Does It Cost to Get Your IRA Ready?

BitIRA does not charge maintenance or setup fees for its accounts, but you will require a minimum of $5,000 to start your account with BitIRA. You may also pay extra charges depending on the custodian you hire for your BitIRA account. Monthly fees for a custodian can run from $30 to $50 a month in most situations. BitIRA will provide details on what you will expect to spend when getting your account ready, with the totals varying by the client.

Coin IRA has a higher minimum for starting an account at $20,000. You can start an IRA for as little as $3,500 if you transfer your funds from another non-IRA account. A $50 setup fee applies, plus a $195 annual maintenance fee is necessary for all accounts. A storage fee worth 0.05 percent of your account also applies each month.

Funding Your Account

It can take a few business days to start an account with either of these two groups. BitIRA and Coin IRA accept funds from a bank account or from a prior IRA or 401(k). You’ll have to provide enough proof of identity and complete the necessary forms for getting your IRA ready with either of these websites.

Customer Ratings

Both of these companies have accreditation from the BBB. Coin IRA has an A+ BBB rating, making it one of the highest-rated self-guided crypto IRA groups.

BitIRA also has an A+ BBB rating. The group is also a member of the Business Consumer Alliance and holds an AAA rating with that organization.

Customer Support Service

Photo of a crypto IRA customer support specialist at a top-rated Bitcoin IRA firm

BitIRA and Coin IRA provide customer service support for people who need assistance. BitIRA provides a free guide to new users who want to learn more about how the service works. You can consult an IRA consultant by phone after reviewing your guide to help you get your account ready. The team also has a toll-free number you can contact for further information as necessary.

Coin IRA also makes it easy for you to reach someone for assistance. The team has a toll-free number and a live chat feature on its website. You can also provide an email for answers to whatever questions you have. Coin IRA also includes a thorough online database with resources on how IRAs and cryptocurrencies work and how you can use the Coin IRA platform for your investment plans.

Which One Should You Consider?

BitIRA and Coin IRA are both helpful choices when you’re looking for a self-guided crypto IRA plan that works for you. But be sure to review your unique needs for a service when choosing which one will fit your needs the most.

BitIRA provides a more affordable approach to handling your IRA, plus the requirements aren’t as strong as what Coin IRA has. But Coin IRA also has more resources for help, and you can handle more currencies through that platform. And with Coin IRA, they offer both Non-IRA and IRA crypto trading accounts for more flexibility.

Look at what currencies you want to invest in and how much you will spend for your IRA, and check on how much you understand about the crypto field before you start. You can use these points to help you make a smart decision.


How long will it take for you to get your self-guided IRA ready?

In some situations, it can take about a week to get an IRA ready. The timeframe varies over how much money you will add to your IRA at the start.

Is a crypto IRA IRS-compliant?

The IRS states that cryptocurrencies can work as personal property for tax purposes, so it is legal for you to hold a crypto IRA.

Risk Disclosure: Any investments, such as cryptocurrency trading and crypto IRAs, come with an inherent risk, where you could end up making less money than what you put in. Before investing your hard-earned cash, be sure to speak with licensed professional financial advisor first. Always remember that past performance is not an indication of future returns.

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