Coinbase vs. Which Crypto Exchange is Right for you in 2023

Coinbase & Crypto Exchange Comparisons and Coinbase stand among the top-rated crypto exchanges. These platforms allow their users to buy and sell top coins. Just like Coinbase, comes with a rewards debit card.

However, the ecosystem developed by is a lot developed. This platform has its own blockchain and native cryptocurrency (CRO). With, you can enjoy a full suite of related services and products.

Although Coinbase doesn’t offer a lot in terms of features and products, it still serves as the best option for various investors/traders. In addition, the security measures taken by both these exchanges are impressive. If you are interested in reading an in-depth comparison between Coinbase and, continue reading.

Coinbase Trading Platform

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinbase started its journey in 2012, rendering it one of the longest-serving crypto exchanges. It allows its users to trade over 170 different types of cryptocurrencies. This feature makes it an ideal option for traders looking for flexibility and versatility. Also, this crypto exchange comes with a plethora of exciting features.

The most popular feature of Coinbase is the “Coinbase Earn”. It allows you to earn crypto by watching educational videos about its listed cryptocurrencies. Some other features include Coinbase Borrow, Coinbase Card, NFT platform, and a self-hosted crypto wallet. Although Coinbase is expansive, it makes up for the extra bucks by offering additional security features and added resources.

In addition, Coinbase is a suitable option for investors who have just entered the crypto world. To improve the security of your stored crypto, Coinbase comes with robust security features like hot storage insurance, 2FA verification, AES-256 encryption, and biometric logins. Hence, your cryptos are safe with Coinbase.

Notable Features

  • NFT platform
  • Coinbase Earn

Key Features

  • Self-hosted crypto wallet
  • Rewards debit card


  • U.S. dollar amount is FDIC insured
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Over 150 cryptocurrencies available


  • Charges high fees
  • Not available in Hawaii Trading Platform

Since its launch in 2016, has grown a lot. It has emerged as a trusted and popular crypto exchange. This platform allows you to buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies (250+). Moreover, you can easily trade cryptos as it charges a lower trading fee than various other options in the industry. Hence, is referred to be a cost-effective option for investors.

This exchange also offers a variety of exclusive and exciting features. If you are an experienced player in the crypto space, could serve as a preferred option for you. Some other features include credit cards, a crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace, and a decentralized exchange. With, you can also earn interest up to 14.5% by staking or storing your crypto in a wallet.

Coinbase stores 98% of its cryptos in cold storage. goes further by keeping its 100% cryptos in cold storage. Other safety features include multi-factor authentication and security certifications. These measures ensure sufficient protection of stored cryptos.

Notable Features

  • Crypto credit cards
  • Rewards debit card

Key Features

  • Crypto wallet
  • NFT marketplace


  • Over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Offers a suite of financial products
  • Affordable trading


  • Difficult to understand the fee structure
  • Most of the rewards are associated with the use of the native coin (CRO)

Coinbase vs. Crypto com Trading Platform

Here, we have drawn a comparison regarding the most prominent factors of both these crypto exchanges.

1.     Coinbase vs. Fees relies on a tiered maker/taker fee structure. On the contrary, Coinbase offers a flat fee structure but is more expensive than If you are using PayPal or a debit card, you will be charged a higher percentage. You can lower the transaction fee by using Coinbase USD Wallet or a bank account.

The cost of using depends on the transaction amount and payment method. This platform charges up to 0.40% and offers additional discounts if you pay fees through CRO. However, understanding the fee structure of isn’t that easy. Once you have figured it out, would cost you less.

2. vs. Coinbase: User Experience

Both these exchanges offer a reasonably good user experience. You can access your trading accounts via web-based platform or mobile app. The Coinbase interface is simple, easy to use, and intuitive. You can easily navigate the website and trade cryptos without much fuss. offers many products and features, making users a little uncomfortable using this platform. Until you completely understand the types of transactions and relevant terminologies, using can prove daunting.

3. vs. Coinbase: Mobile Apps

Talking about the mobile apps, both exchanges have launched mobile versions that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The Coinbase app has a minimalistic interface, promoting a user-friendly layout. You can buy or sell your crypto with just a few clicks., on the other hand, offers a mobile app that comes with technical features. Hence, learning this app might take some time for beginners. However, if you regularly trade through this app, accessing your account and trading cryptos can be less complicated.

4.    Coinbase vs. Technical Charting

Technical charting is available with both and Coinbase. Since offers more advanced features, its chart is somewhat tricky to understand. Coinbase has a simple chart with some basic information for the traders. Unless you are a professional trader, these charts can give you a nice crypto market analysis.

Final Verdict

Coinbase appears to be a better choice for a wide range of investors. Especially, this exchange comes with features that appeal to beginners. But also manages to grab the attention of the investors by offering additional services and products. For instance, you can also earn interest through yield farming.

In addition, allows you to save some money on trading fees. However, Coinbase is an excellent trading platform for true beginners. Its interface is simple and clutter-free, making it easier to use all the features and trade cryptos without any hassle.

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