Broad Financial Self-Directed IRA Review (2023): Non-Traditional Retirement IRA Investing

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It’s never been easier to invest in an Individual Retirement Account or IRA than now. But in the past, people have assumed that IRAs only contain stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other traditional investments.

But the IRA world is evolving, as there are many exciting self-directed IRAs available for you to find. Broad Financial provides quality self-directed IRA options, including checkbook IRA and solo 401(k) programs.

Broad Financial offers self-directed IRAs that can support alternative investments of all sorts. These include IRAs that offer checkbook control where you will receive full signing authority over your account, giving you IRA control power through a single-member Limited Liability Company or LLC.

Broad Financial provides a unique approach to managing your retirement funds. With Broad Financial, you can control all your investments and choose what you want to support. The system works without transaction fees, plus there are no state fees or reporting requirements involved in making your Broad Financial investments work. The flexibility of what Broad provides is ideal for all retirement investors.

Pros and Cons of Investing With Broad Financial

You’ll need to know all the pros and cons of investing with Broad Financial before you start. Here’s a brief look at what to expect:


  • You can hold a self-directed IRA trust or LLC with Broad Financial.
  • You can invest in various alternative assets with your IRA.
  • The service is valid for traditional and Roth IRAs.
  • You can make investments through a check, debit card, or wire transfer payments.


  • Quarterly custodial fees apply to your IRA, plus other setup fees may be necessary.
  • It can take a few weeks for the company to get your IRA active.

Top Benefits of Investing With Broad Financial

Broad Financial is a New Jersey-based retirement planning service company that has been serving people since 2004. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating. There are many advantages of investing with Broad Financial that have helped the company attain such a positive reputation.

Middle aged couple reviewing Broad Financial company retirement investing services.

Choose Between a Trust or LLC

Broad Financial lets its investors choose between a self-directed IRA trust or LLC. A trust is a checkbook IRA where you can invest your retirement funds in alternative investments without paying state fees. An LLC provides additional liability protection, meaning you will be protected from liabilities stemming from debts or legal issues.

These two options provide access to more investment options while giving you more control over your retirement funds. You won’t have to complete any custodian paperwork when setting up your IRA trust or LLC.

Supports Multiple Investment Options

You can incorporate multiple alternative assets in your IRA with Broad Financial. You can invest in real estate, promissory notes, startups, and even cryptocurrencies.

Forbes writes that self-directed IRA investors cannot invest in life insurance or items that do not meet IRS standards. But you can invest in precious metals above purity standards, tax liens and deeds on foreclosed properties, and forex IRAs that cover foreign currencies.

Good For Traditional and Roth IRAs

Broad Financial offers traditional and Roth IRAs for investors. A traditional IRA lets you fund your account now with pre-tax money, plus you won’t pay taxes on your money until you withdraw it from your account. A Roth IRA includes money that has already been taxed, meaning you won’t pay taxes on what you withdraw after age 59-1/2.

A traditional IRA works best for people who feel their tax rates will be lower in retirement, while a Roth IRA is for people who believe their rates will rise. You can choose whichever IRA option fits your needs. Whatever the case, your IRA with Broad Financial can work under any of these investment formats.

Top Reasons to Not Invest With Them

While Broad Financial offers many positives, there are also some issues surrounding what the group provides. Here are a few concerns to review when seeing what Broad Financial offers.

Extensive Fee Schedule

Broad Financial charges various fees for its services, although the company is transparent when discussing what you will spend. Some of these fees include account setup charges, custodian setup costs, and an annual maintenance fee. It can cost at least a thousand dollars for you to get started with Broad.

The good news is that the maintenance fee remains the same at $95 per quarter, regardless of how many transactions you complete or how valuable your IRA becomes. But the costs can cut away from your investment in some situations, especially if you’re trying to keep your expenses under control.

You May Not Be Able To Expedite Your IRA

It takes a few weeks for you to get your IRA up and running at Broad Financial. Expect to spend about one to three weeks waiting for your account to be ready and accessible.

Broad Financial can help expedite the creation of some new accounts, but you’d have to place an expedited request to get your IRA ready sooner. Broad Financial may not respond to all the requests it receives. This point is concerning when dealing with time-sensitive investments.

How Broad Financial Works

Broad Financial makes it easy for people to set up their non-traditional IRAs. You can start your IRA by opening an account with Madison Trust Company, Broad Financial’s in-house custodian. You can then complete an initial contribution to your account, or you can transfer or roll over your funds from a prior IRA to your new one with Broad.

Broad will then create an LLC or trust based on your preference. All documents will be IRS-compliant. You’ll then create a checking account at a bank of your choosing that will support the funds you want to use for your investment. You can then start investing in various alternatives with your new IRA.

A Final Word

There are more options for IRA investing out there than you might realize. Broad Financial is available to help you invest in various assets through a self-directed IRA with checkbook control. You can use this solution to invest in everything from real estate to cryptocurrencies.

Broad Financial is helpful for people who want more control over their IRAs while also finding more investment options. The company provides a simple approach to starting an IRA you can trust.

Be sure to see what Broad Financial can do for you when looking for a convenient IRA option. Broad Financial will be there to support your investing needs.


Can anyone in the United States set up an IRA with Broad Financial?

Broad Financial’s IRAs are available in all fifty states.

How many transactions can you complete with your Broad Financial IRA?

You can handle as many free transactions as you wish with your IRA.

What types of cryptocurrencies can you add to your IRA with Broad?

Broad supports all cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Since you have full control over how you manage your IRA, you can add whatever currencies you wish.

Does Broad offer customer support?

Broad provides customer support to all IRA holders at no additional cost. The customer support team is available by email or phone, plus the Broad website offers free webinars where you can learn more about what is open.

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